Welcome to is a Danish website on church, the environment and climate change. offers inspiration for working with climate change and the environment in a church setting – in church services and in practical management of the church buildings and activities.

The initiative for is taken by Grøn Kirke, a working group of the National Council of Churches in Denmark


  • Make your church a “Green Church”: List of 48 points
    Inspired by churches all over Europe, a rising numer of Danish congregations are taking up the challenge to become "green churches". To become a Green Church, churches must work with the checklist, committing to 25 of 48 measures, including at least 2 within 6 categories.
    The checklist is revised June 2015

  • The Church Climate Change Relay
    Glacier stones from Greenland, uncovered by the receding inland ice; shrivelled up maize from Malawi; bleached, dead corals from the Pacific Ocean, and coffee beans from Central America are travelling from church to church throughout Denmark for use in services that focus on climate change. Order the Climate Change Relay today.