Electric heating

If the entire vicarage is heated with electric heating, it is recommended to consider installing a different type of heating, either a heat pump or district heating, if this is a possibility.

Electric heating is an expensive form of heating compared with those alternatives.

Electric heating in the attic?

Some, especially older, vicarages have attics or small auxiliary rooms, which are electrically heated. Typically, these rooms have been adapted for habitation, archives, or the like at a later time than the rest of the building.

Electric heat can be a sensible solution in such rooms, if the purpose primarily is to frost-proof the room or if consumption in general is very low. If the spaces are often or perhaps even constantly heated to normal room temperature, it should be examined whether it is possible to heat the rooms with the building's central heating system.


Electric heating costs average about 2.10 kr. pe kWh, making it the most expensive form of heat. With a central heating system connected to district heating or heat pump prices will typically be 40 to 70 cents per kWh heat.