Solar cells

Installing solar cell panels is generally not accepted for churches, buildings and areas close to a church because of aesthetic considerations.

However, a newer church building from 1979 (Simon Peter's Church in Kolding), had solar panels installed on the flat roof of the church in 2013. The panels are not visible from the ground.

It is probably also possible for other newer churches to place solar cells on the roof, if it can be done in a way in where the panels are not visible.

With the current rules for solar cells, it is difficult to get a good economy out of the investment.


The location of the solar cells must be "invisible", but there are other matters to be aware of as well. First, it must be examined whether the roof can carry the additional weight of the panels. Also, it must be ensured that there are no shadows over parts of the solar panels, as this will reduce output significantly.


Before the installation of solar cells a permission must be given. Contact must be made to the diocese and to the municipality.


With the current rules for the settlement of electricity from solar cells, it is crucial for the economy that a very large part of the produced electricity is used immediately in your own installation. Electricity produced and used immediately replaces purchased power at full price (approximately 2.10 kr. per kWh). Any excess electricity produced is settled at market price, which at present is in the range of 20 - 30 øre per kWh.

Own-consumption should be above 50%, to achieve a sound economy with a repayment period of 15 years. By installing smaller solar cell systems, it is easier to achieve a high level of own consumption.

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