Electric heating

Many cemetery facilities, confirmation classrooms and other small parish buildings are heated with electricity. This can be a good solution for some buildings. In other buildings, it may be advantageous to install a heat pump or possibly connect to district heating, if it is an option.

Electric heating - suitable for small rooms in small buildings

Electric heating is expensive and should only be used in constantly heated buildings, if no other obvious options are available.

Many cemetery facilities are heated by electric heating. In small, separate spaces, electric heating is often the only sensible solution. However, if the facilities have large spaces or a number of small rooms connected with each other, installing an air-air heat pump should be considered.

Some confirmation classrooms and small parish buildings are fitted with electric heating, but are not constantly heated. If a base temperature is kept in the building, it may often be advantageous to install an air-air heat pump in combination with the existing electrical heating system. The heat pump can handle the daily heating and can probably also handle the heat-up before an activity in the building. During the activity, the heat pump can be switched off if the noise is disturbing, and electric radiators can be used to maintain the temperature until the meeting or activity is over.


Electric heating costs about 2.10 kr. Per kWh. There may be various tax deductions for tax and electricity tax. The net price for electric heating in cemetery facilities is typically about 1.50 kr. per kWh.By comparison, heat produced by an air-air heat pump costs about 40-50 cents per kWh.


A cemetery facility has a total electric heat consumption of 3,000 kWh per year, where 2,500 kWh in the future will be covered by a heat pump (the last 500 kWh is used on a small public toilet with separate entrance). This will result in savings of about 2,750 kr. annually. With an investment of approximately 16,000 kr. it will be paid back in less than 6 years.

In small rooms in small buildings such as public toilets, electric heating can be a good solution, as it may be too expensive to install another form of heat.


In small rooms in small buildings such as public toilets, electric heating can be a good solution